Why franchising?

Low Risk
Proven Success
One of the the most significant benefit to franchising is the reduced level of risk. This comes from the franchise system's proven method of doing business.

Being In Business For themselves But Not By Themselves

The franchisor is there to provide support with all the different functions of the business. They have seen the issues that can arise in their business and know how to deal with any problems effectively. They provide extensive initial training and support so you're well prepared to handle whatever comes.

Advertsing and Marketing Support

The Advertsing and marketing support that you get from the franchisor takes you a step closer to winning a deal. While it is one thing that you are already a recognized brand the other major advantage lies in the fact that you have the knowledge and the expertise of the ntire advertising and marketing team to back you up to position you to close the deal faster than if you were to do it alone

Is Franchise or Domain Specific Experience needed?

No.However, it is critical that you are getting into the business that is right for you based on your skills, personality, resources , availabilty etc and this is precisely why you need us to trust our indepth knowledge and experience to lead you into the right opportunity that is perfect for you in every aspect. We do not have a vested interest in connecting you with any particularly Franchise or business opportunity. Our Goal is your financial freedom, stability and security and most importantly, we want you to love what you are doing so you can be successful

How soon can I get my business started?

We are here to expedite this process for you and this is why working with us helps us get you to the front line of the queue and you get to decide and start your business at a faster, smoother pace . Our process can be completed easily within a few days if you work with usType your paragraph here.

Why go through us?

We are "Your Trusted Personal Business Advisor, Business Broker and Franchise Expert" and here is why We protect you from the risk of making a huge financial mistake and save you from the fiancial mess and trouble that would follow such a mistake, at no cost to you.
Our service is completely free and be rest assured the price of the franchise and associated fees will not be higher if you choose to use us, As you can see, You only benefit by taking up on our offer to help you, You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. So, why not make the most of this opportunity to your advantage?

Our Service Is Completely Free At No Cost To you

Our Service is completely free. In franchsing with us , you will save a lot of effort, money and weeks or months of time spent in research. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to assist you in choosing the safest, most successful business opportunities available. Our in-depth knowledge of the end number of franchise opportunities that are out tthere and our experience working with prospective buyers like you helps us connect you with the right oppoprtunity, The last thing you would want is invest your hard earned money in something you were not cut out for No Hidden Costs, Franchise Fee remains the same whether you choose to go with us or not, We only make the process easier, smoother and optimal for you at no cost to us but with loads of benefits to you. here is how we do it. You do not pay for the services provided by us. The price you pay for any franchise will be the published price as if you had gone directly to the franchisor. Our franchise partners recognize the Value that we bring by providing them with premium leads who are interested in their brands but at the same time have the resources and skills needed to fit into their business model thus saving their time and money by optimising and making their recruiting process more efficient.

We Act As Advocates For The Prospective Buyers

There is ia a common myth that franchisors will always take anyone that has the money, Nothing could be further than the truth. To the Franchisor, the most important aspect of the business is the brand name and therefore protecting the brand is very citical and this is also the reason why they are interested only in working with premium leads, As per the franchsing statistics, a very high number of the internet leads gets filtered out and the reason for this is because they have no one to advocate them or present them in the manner they should be and this is where we come in to help present your case, thus acting as your advocate. Meanwhile, Since we have access to key insider information on the franchises that we repesent, we are better equipped and empowered to guide the prospective buyers to the right franchise. Please note that we have no vested interest in connecting the leads with any particular franchise. we are only here to guide you. We break down the complex process of analyzing information and disintegrating data and information that can otherwise be overwheling. We acts as your mentor and hand hold you through the process of match making, breaking down the information of various francises that interests you and help analyze which would be a good fit for you based on the resources, skills and personality traits that you posess. We cover for any oversight on your part in terms of operational expenses, reviewing legal documents and others and we are constantly at your side offering you servcies to navigate you through the process of following through until the deal is done.
Sifting,, Investigating and Analyzing over 2,000 plus franchise opportunities to find the right fit for you can be a long, tedious and overwhelming process. We take care of this for you and present only the facts before you to decide. We have done the home work for you and pre-screened hundreds of companies from various industries and present brefore you a variety of premium franchise/ Business opportunities to choose from. These companies must meet the exacting standards we have set to be included in our catalogue that we present to you. We have done the heavy lifting for you to match you with the franchise opportunity that is perfect for you.

We treat you and present you like royalty to the companies we partner with!

We believe your success is our success and we treat you like royalty, hand holding you through out the process. Through our strategic alliance wih the Franchise companies, We act as advocates for both the fanchisors and the prospective franchisee. With us qualifying the candidates for the Franchisor, you become a premium lead as opposed to an Internet lead for the Companies and therefore they are more inclined to serve you better than if you were to reach out to them yourself. The companies love the idea that we are doing the tedious work of qualifying the leads for them, filtering out any leads that may not be a good fit for their brand and they abosrb our marketing costs and are happy to pay us for our service, this way we serve the franchor by providing them with the best leads and we guide the franchisee to the right opportunity protecting the franchisee from making a mistake, thus making it a win- win deal for both parties.

How can we guide you and lead you to the right decision

We help prospective buyers find an opportunity that will cater to the the specific needs of each buyer. To help get to this, we take you through a series of questionaire to better understand your resources, skills, and your personality, In so doing, collectively, we become better equipped to match you with opportunities that are consistent with your personal and business goals and can lead you to make the right choice for you while you are busy doing what you do.

Financial assistance and Funding for your business

Financing can be a major hurdle for any potential franchisee. While start-up costs can be high, it is critical that the franchisee has adequate working capital to survive till they break even whcih could be 7 months to 14 months depending on the type of business. This is one of the most critical, yet the most over looked factor. It is important to ensure your have the funding assistance you need to be successful in your business endeavor. One of the most common reasons why businesses fail is due to lack of funds and financial assistance and we are here to help you with your most critical need. We can assist you in working with the franchisor on this and offer you various other options that are available to you as it relates to your business to make your dream of becoming an entrepreneur a reality.

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